My Approach

I am a Relational therapist, which means that I take a theoretical and philosophical perspective that places emphasis on understanding a person’s experience of life within their social context. The term ‘relational’ refers to both a method of practise and to an understanding about how we become who we are. In practise, working relationally means that I will aim to explore with you your experience of the here-and-now in order to help you understand and to find meaning in how you experience and negotiate life and relationships.

I have trained as a Transactional Analyst and I draw on theories from different schools of thought, including interpersonal, object relations, self-psychology, intersubjective theory and attachment theories. I also utilise current research in neuroscience, attachment and affect regulation.

A relational approach accommodates for issues of identity, attachment, neurodiversity, politics and other differences that may or may not be visible or consciously felt. My clinic is LGBTQIA+, kink and sex-worker positive and I take an active stance in thinking about difference and discrimination.

I have worked with the NHS, within the prison system and in the charity sector. I have worked extensively with women experiencing prenatal and postnatal distress.

I am bound by the codes of ethics and professional frameworks and procedures of the following organisations;