Welcome to Henrietta Whitfield Psychotherapy


I am a qualified psychotherapist and certified Transactional Analyst. I offer short-term and long-term counselling and psychotherapy for individuals, groups and couples in Kensington, south west London, and online via Zoom.

As a Relational therapist, I take the view that from infancy up to the here-and-now our minds develop through our relationships with others. I believe we are all doing the best we can in the circumstances that we are in, but sometimes difficulties and traumas can make life feel unmanageable or can manifest in a multitude of emotional and physical symptoms.

Difficulties I can help with are not limited to the following;

Addiction, anger and aggression, anxiety and panic attacks, bereavement, chronic pain and somatic illness, depression, developmental trauma, identity, loss of creativity and motivation, loss of meaning, loss of sense of self, low self-esteem, obsessive difficulties (including intrusive thoughts, OCD and OCPD) relationship difficulties, prenatal and postnatal distress, sexual issues, trauma and post-traumatic stress (including PTSD and CPTSD), work-place stressors.

Whilst labels and diagnosis can help to give context, they do not define human experience and what you are encountering might not fit neatly into a category. Please contact me for a free 20-minute consultation to discuss your needs.

Why Therapy?

Life and relationships are not easy to navigate, and if you’re experiencing anxiety and depression, or going through difficult times, things can feel overwhelming. I understand how difficulties can cause you to lose your sense of control, your overall wellbeing, and even your sense of who you are. These are all normal experiences, but if you’re struggling to feel a basic sense of joy about being you, or if your relationships are causing you more pain than pleasure, then it might be time to seek help. It can be difficult to imagine how talking therapy can help, but together we can work towards symptomatic relief and the freedom to be youself.